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Integrated Behavioral Health Program

For reading on the go or to share with a colleague, download our printable AmeriHealth Caritas Integrated Behavioral Health Program brochure (PDF).

Our behavioral health program

We recognize that individuals with chronic illnesses often have comorbid behavioral health and medical conditions without adequate support systems.

At AmeriHealth Caritas, we have the proven resources to implement and sustain integrated health care management systems. Through our family of companies, we leverage specialized expertise covering the entire spectrum of behavioral health services, including health and human services programs and innovative solutions that reflect our integrated model of care.

The AmeriHealth Caritas integrated health care management (IHCM) model connects care and disease management in a holistic approach that addresses a member's specific needs in one individualized, person-centered care plan to support body and mind. Our integrated health care approach offers providers customized, member-oriented care to improve outcomes, support members and families, and control costs by coordinating all aspects of care.

Success snapshots

AmeriHealth Caritas is dedicated to serving the providers who provide the best quality of care to our members. Our integrated model enhances continuity and convenience. For instance, in the District of Columbia, we integrated behavioral health services into primary care and primary care into community mental health centers by partnering with providers at one site. We negotiated with the District to allow medical, behavioral health and dental care to be payable when provided on the same day at the same site.

Our behavioral health care program includes a behavioral health call center for integrated plans in South Carolina, the District of Columbia, Louisiana, and Delaware. In Pennsylvania, we have collaborated and nurtured the development of an evidence-based system of care, improving business models and client outcomes. In New Jersey, we oversee a system of care model for the state’s behavioral health services for children and youth.

We are your behavioral health partner

As a provider, you’ll benefit from the partnership and support offered by AmeriHealth Caritas. We value and trust the clinicians who represent the first line of care for those with behavioral health disorders like depression, anxiety, or a substance use disorder. Our role is provider-enhancing, offering integrated care management and support to behavioral health providers in the community.

We partner with you to provide behavioral health treatments to Medicaid members in the community.

Benefits of integrated care

Our integrated health care management program employs social workers, professional counselors and nurses who work side by side, supported by psychiatrists, psychologists and other physicians — including primary care providers. Dedicated provider account executives offer an additional layer of support.
Value-added services include:

  • A single point of contact assigned to each member, to address all conditions in one individualized plan of care.
  • Motivational interviewing by care managers skilled in the practice, to engage members in care management and personal accountability.
  • Robust, on-site education and support services for primary care providers and pediatricians who provide behavioral health services for members.
  • Expertise in helping patients overcome barriers to treatment compliance.
  • Rapid response assistance for follow-up with patients regarding medication and appointments.

And for administrative ease:

  • Streamlined billing. Providers who perform both behavioral health and physical health services contract once for both services, with one company and one staff handling payment.
  • No prior authorization needed for traditional, office-based behavioral health services.

Data-driven analytics

Real-time insights and decision-support tools help identify efficiencies and opportunities for our provider partners. For example, we can identify which members are continuing their treatment and those who need outreach for continued progress. Our skilled care managers provide this outreach through member engagement techniques to ensure continuity of care.

Choose quality collaboration

Because of our proven strategies, when it comes to integrating behavioral and physical health, AmeriHealth Caritas is uniquely positioned to succeed. We have the ability to respond to the specific needs of providers. Ultimately, our integrated approach is best for helping members achieve quality care.

With more than 5.6 million covered lives, AmeriHealth Caritas is a national health care leader, building on successful experience. We are committed to offering a relevant approach that exceeds local requirements and delivers culturally competent care and improved quality outcomes for providers and members.

If you are ready to partner in developing critical solutions, let's talk.