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AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina

AmeriHealth Caritas is currently developing a network of hospital, physicians and ancillary healthcare providers in order to qualify as a North Carolina prepaid health plan.

Our goal is to work with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services ("DHHS") to arrange for the delivery of health services to individuals under DHHS' proposed Medicaid managed care program. We want to work with dedicated providers like you to deliver high-quality, coordinated, and integrated health care services to underserved populations throughout North Carolina.

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Why join AmeriHealth Caritas?

AmeriHealth Caritas North Carolina will leverage the expertise and resources and more than 35 years' experience of our affiliate AmeriHealth Caritas organizations in improving the lives of Medicaid members in North Carolina.

Using its proven Integrated Health Care Management Model (IHCM), AmeriHealth Caritas is committed to advancing and empowering providers, improving quality of care and health outcomes, and controlling health care costs for the North Carolina Medicaid program. Managed care is more than a business to us; it is an opportunity to meet the needs of the underserved, and make a difference in their lives. As a mission-based managed care organization, we put care at the heart of our work for our members, their families, and the communities we serve.

We offer:

  • Local presence. We know that health care is personal. Our presence will be local — with national support. Reinforced by our strong national infrastructure, we plan to staff our North Carolina health plan with local professionals who know the community because they already live and work there. Your provider network account executive will visit your office and know you by name.
  • E-Solutions. We will support your practice with technologies that ease administration, from claims submission to patient health management. We are committed to working with you to care for members and improve health outcomes, and we will offer educational opportunities and frequent communication about top health care concerns.
  • Partnership with the community. We are committed to partnering with providers to deliver the care members need. In addition to serving physical and behavioral health care needs, we help members find food, housing, and employment. We collaborate with existing community organizations on programs and care plans to connect members with the help they need. We intend to open community wellness centers where members can meet with health navigators and attend healthy cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, and youth programs.
  • Integrated health care management. We have a person-centered approach to care. Our comprehensive care management program includes an individualized plan of care that coordinates the delivery of physical and behavioral health care services, and social and environmental support needs.
  • Behavioral health resources and support. We recognize that physical health is just one part of wellness. That is why we integrate behavioral health services and administer them directly. We offer tools and training to help providers screen for behavioral health conditions, such as depression and substance use disorder. We design new programs to improve member health, tailored to the needs of the membership.
  • Long-term services and supports (LTSS). We understand and appreciate that the receipt of LTSS is often a very personal matter — one that requires the establishment of trust and reliability. Toward that end, we offer a holistic, person-centered approach that integrates and coordinates needed services.

Join us, and together we can improve the lives of North Carolina's Medicaid enrollees.

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